The stately turpentine trees filtered the sunlight as Lieut. Col. Don Woodland launched 'Soldiers in Different Armies'. He reviewed the story of Jock and Ivy and the dedication and compassion they had shown to those for whom they cared.


Two copies of the book were dedicated and placed in the   Salvation Army Heritage Centres in Sydney and Melbourne.


As you plan your yearly calendar, make sure you invite Brenda to speak at your organisation.   

The following organisations have heard Brenda

Excentric Events - 



Salvation Army Historical Society


Blaxland Uniting Church


Stone the Crows Festival


Eastwood Seniors


Earlwood Probus Group


Sylvania View Club


Burwood Rotary


Beecroft Rotary


North Rocks View Club


Hazelbrook Uniting Church


Eastwood Uniting Church


Canterbury/Earlwood Probus Club


Salvation Army Heritage Centre


Sylvania View Club


Hazelbook Uniting Church


Engadine View Club


Galston Uniting Church


Pennant Hills View Club


West Epping Uniting Church


Richmond View Club








Concord Historical Society


Dharug Historical Society


Parramatta Seniors


St. Ives Uniting Church


Linnwood Historical Society


St. Andrews Anglican Church Kingswood


Prospect Heritage Group


Riverstone Uniting Church


Granville Rotary Club


Holroyd Rotary Club


Leisure Learning Eastwood


Canada Bay Historical Society


Beecroft Uniting Church


Granville Historical Society


St. Pauls Anglican Church Castle Hill


Centennary Uniting Church




Forbes Library Presentation

Stone the Crows' Festival

Wagga Wagga

Rotary International Granville 

St. Andrews Anglican Church Penrith 

Carlingford Seniors

IEastwood Uniting Seniors