While Soldiers in Different Armies captures the imagination of the trials and tribulations of different armies it gives an insight into the personalities of people whose lives were changed forever.


This is an easy to read book which will bring tears to your eyes or a smile to your face.  The story of a man who made sacred actions visible, who uplifted the spirits of many a weary soldier with no thought for his own safety and whose personality was changed by his part in the real war.

It also tells about a special lady who served in a more passive Army eventually helping him find his own inner peace.


Through the writers research this book helps us to understand why war changes people and how relationships are formed and strengthened under the most testing circumstances. It is about friendships which endured beyond the battlefield.


Soldiers of Different Armies encapsulate the essence of wars of different armies fighting for the same cause, peace.  It shows how love, compassion and family life can help overcome, yet not eliminate, the trauma of those experiences.  A fascinating read and one which I recommend to all who have felt the rage of warring Armies or have been touched by the peace and tranquility of the Salvation Army.


Pam Walker

Pastoral Care Coordinator St Ives Uniting Church


The times of the Second World War are well recorded but thankfully, “Soldiers in Different Armies” tells the personal story of Jock and Ivy.  


This insightful story effectively highlights dedication and commitment, qualities of life and service often lacking in today's society.


Lt Colonel Wesley J. Kinder,  

Salvation Army Officer

This historical novel tells a story of sacrifice, commitment friendship, dedication and affection.  


It is well written and easy to read while telling a unique interesting story


                                 Ross Wilkinson Historian

                            2/14th Battalion Association